Acquiring the knowledge to better understand how to utilize our power with intent

“Policy cannot be changed without an economic force behind it. We must create and promote the black economy in order to be able to address the disparities within the black community”

Dion Hurford - Founder

What does K.U.P.I do

Social Responsibility

Enact Corporate Social Responsibility on behalf of business, furthering their social impact and community engagement.

Community Engagement

Act as an agent for black businesses, keeping them connected with local and nationwide initiatives, and providing access to established platforms and new customer bases.

Sustainable Blueprint

Creating a sustainable blueprint that will engender generational wealth.

Growing Together

Creating affiliations and networks with black owned businesses that are ‘on brand’ in regards to the ethics of KUPI

Our recent projects

Knowledge sharing from successful black owned businesses.
Interviews from black owned business owners sharing their experiences and lessons learned with up and coming entrepreneurs
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