A true economy is built by creating an interconnected infrastructure of mutual benefit.

K.U.P.I is committed to increasing businesses social impact and community engagement

The effect of generations of societal disparity has left the Black community with little to no agency in the financial, political, educational and socio-economic decisions/policies that so heavily affect its members and the direction of society and consumerism. 

Corporate Responsibility
Community Engagement

About Dion Hurford

Dion Hurford has a passion for empowering black business in order to help create the basis for an economy that will be able to use its voice and influence to address the many disparities within the black community. His motivation was born out of seeing the cycle of temporary public outrage and support but no consistent vehicle for substantial permanent change. 

What does K.U.P.I stand for?


KNOWLEDGE - Passion is the driving force of progress, but that passion needs to be matched by the relevant knowledge in order to understand and empower black businesses and provide them with the tools they need to compete with mainstream businesses. 


UNDERSTANDING - Create an ethical and mutually beneficial space for black owned businesses to share and educate others of their learnings. It is through learning that one gains understanding, further fueling empowerment


POWER - Understanding, recognising and harnessing the Power of the black community as trend setters, consumers, retailers and service providers, thereafter using that Knowledge  for collaborative working to cultivate a unified front to overcome the obstacles black businesses face.


INTENT - Approaching all commercial endeavours as business with the knowledge gained, whilst retaining the guiding principles and ethos that ensures community engagement and betterment are an integral part of a sustainable blueprint and empowerment.

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